Iran Tourist Visa

Iran tourist Visa

Iran Tourist Visa

(single or multiple entry)

A tourist visa is required by foreign nationals who wish to travel to Iran for sightseeing purposes or to visit their friends and family.

The visa allows you to stay in Iran for up to 30 days, although the duration of your visa is at the discretion of the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. At times they may only grant 12-day visas, even if you ask for four weeks. However, you can easily get a visa extension once you arrive in Iran, at no extra cost, by going to any police station, or the Aliens Office in Tehran.

If you have plenty of time before you intend to travel (at least 8 weeks), you can apply for a visa by contacting your nearest Iranian Embassy.

Alternatively, you can use an Iranian Visa Service to take care of all the details and get your visa for you. Iranian Visa Services can often get you a visa to travel at short notice.

To apply independently you need to contact the Iranian Embassy nearest to where you live and ask for/download a visa application form.

Next, you will need to obtain a Letter of Invitation from a sponsor in Iran. For tourist visas, the sponsor will normally be a tour operator or a hotel. Contact us to supply you with a Letter of Invitation.

Once you have your Letter of Invitation you need to send this to your nearest Embassy along with your visa application form, two photographs, and the appropriate visa application fee.

The Embassy will then send details of your application to the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) in Tehran.

Once your visa has been authorised by the MFA, a visa authorisation number will be sent back to the Embassy. The Embassy will then contact you and tell you your visa authorisation number. Please note that this reference number means that your visa has been authorised but is not the visa itself.

To obtain the actual visa in your passport, you need to fill out a visa collection form which you obtain/download from the Embassy. On this form you enter your visa authorisation number.

You can then either post or take this form to the Consulate Section of the embassy along with your passport and the appropriate visa collection fee. Your passport must be valid for at least six months from your date of entry into Iran, and must have at least two blank pages.

If take your passport to the consulate in person, you will normally have to return the following day to get your passport back. If you post your passport to the consulate, either there will be an extra fee to cover the costs of them sending it back to you recorded delivery, or you will have to provide a stamped, self-addressed envelope. You should normally receive your passport back about one week from when the consulate first receives it.