Iran Villages

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Iran Villages

List of tourist villages in Iran. Iran Villages are highly recommended to discover for  tourists and visitors.

Villages near Tehran

Located in (a city of province)

Rural areas in the province can be divided into two groups one being the areas of rural settlements in the skirts and valleys of southern Alborz . These areas encompass coastal attractions, rivers, springs , both thermal ..

Barsian Village

Located in Esfahan (a city of Esfahan province)

The Barsian Village is located 36 km. south east of Esfahan, and 25 km. east of the Esfahan – Ziyar Road. The Zayandeh Rood flows along the south of which. This vicinity has a Jame’ Mosque, four pilgrimage sites and a caravansary …

Other Special Villages

Located in Esfahan (a city of Esfahan province)

Other villages in Esfahan province that can be interesting sites are: Meymeh, Moujeh Khurt, Malvajerd and Jazeh in the township of Esfahan. Faiz Abad, Nougonbad and Khoor in the township of Naein. Qabr Keekha and Qaleh Sangi …

Vir Village

Located in Abhar (a city of Zanjan province)

This village is in the vicinity of Soltanieh, Abhar. Koor Kang Dareh is located 2 km. south east of this area, and Kooh Sari Dash is located 2 km south west. It has a cold, dry climate. The Dash Kasan Cave and the mosque …

Other Special Villages

Located in Abhar (a city of Zanjan province)

Other villages can be named as ‘Dah Sheer Oliya’ in Ijrud and ‘Golabar Sangi’ that can be places of interest.

Anjedan Village

Located in Arak (a city of Markazi province)

The Anjedan Village, a district of Arak (40 km. east of Arak) is very attractive due to natural beauties, magnificant caves, hunting grounds, and historical relics. As this village after the Mongol invasion, was the center …

Sarooq Village

Located in Arak (a city of Markazi province)

This village is located 48 km. north west of Arak. It is one of the oldest villages of this province, and is 850 years old. Imamzadeh Haftado Do Tan related to 587 AH. is located in the central and old locality of the village. …

Tribal Area and Special Villages

Located in Ardebil (a city of Ardebil province)

Rural areas of the province specially on the outskirts of the Sabalan Mountains due to their landscapes and attractions annually host several visitors. Some of the historical villages of the province have their own importance …

Aqda Village

Located in Ardakan (a city of Yazd province)

Located near the Yazd – Esfahan Road and at the distance of 40 km. in the northwest of Ardakan, this village has the following historical edifices, Haj Abolqasem Rashti caravansary built in 1269 AH. with the structure resembling …

Haftadar Village

Located in Ardakan (a city of Yazd province)

This is located at the distance of 34 km. to the northwest of Ardakan and adjacent to Ardakan – Naein Road, and experiences a temperate-dry climate. Boz Galeh Kon Gateway which is a relic of the 9th century AH. is situated …

Kharanaq Village

Located in Ardakan (a city of Yazd province)

Settled at a distance of 85 km. east of Ardakan. It has a temperate dry climate and is located in a mountainous region. Some of its historical edifices are presented below: Shahzadeh (princess) caravansary built under …

Mehrjerd Village

Located in Ardakan (a city of Yazd province)

Situated at a distance of 11 km. in the south of Ardakan and 2 km. to the west of Yazd – Ardakan road, It enjoys a temperate dry climate. Mehr Negar, Anushirvan’s daughter founded this village, and its name was later changed …

Zavareh Village

Located in Ardestan (a city of Esfahan province)

This village is one of the archaic villages with a famous Jame’ mosque which is said to be a fire-temple in the pre-Islamic period. In addition to which, there are four pilgrimage sites here. The architectural affects of …

Behabad Village

Located in Bafgh (a city of Yazd province)

This is one of the important centers in one of the districts of Bafq. Regarding the terminology of this word, it consists of the prefix “Beh” (meaning the best) and “Abad” (meaning a habitable place). The historical relics …

Qatrom Village

Located in Bafgh (a city of Yazd province)

It is located at a distance of 50 kilometers to the north of the Zarand Road and Bafq – Zarand railway. It has a temperate dry climate, and the Hasht (eight) mosque is the most prominent religious centers of the city. The …

Fahraj Village

Located in Bam (a city of Kerman province)

The Fahraj village is at a distance of 58 km east of Bam. The ruins of two castles, surrounded by a moat can be noted here. Three kilometers east to the village is a relatively huge cemetry, where skeleton bones and other …

Sooza Village

Located in Bandar Abbas (a city of Hormozgan province)

This village is located 39 km. to the south west of Qeshm city and is on the coastal area, and Hormoz Strait is to its south. It has a warm and dry climate. Historical vestiges near this village are, the Leit or Khalesi …

Ashora Deh Village

Located in Bandar Torkaman (a city of Golestan province)

Ashora Deh (Ashorada or Ashour island) is a part of Bandar Turkaman and one of the beautiful places of Golestan province situated 25 kilometer from Gorgan. Ashora Deh is an island with damp and moderate climate and is a …

Negar Village

Located in Bardsir (a city of Kerman province)

Negar is considered as one of the important villages of the township of Bardseer, and has also been mentioned in records. Two of its relics namely, a ruined bath and a minaret of a mosque (adorned with bricks and tile work), …

Ab Nahr Village

Located in Boyer Ahmad (Yasooj) (a city of Kohkilouyeh Va Boyer Ahmad province)

On passing the forests that are laden with oak trees in the twist and turns of the mountainous paths leading up to the altitudes of the Khatir Soukhteh, the Ab Nahr village comes into the sight. This village which is on …